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What Type of Baby Monitor is Best?

Posted by on January 30, 2012

***A guest post***

Most parents want their babies to sleep in the room they lovingly spent so much time making perfect for the coming little one. Emotions battle with logic on this issue. Establishing where baby sleeps should be done early on, that will solve the issue of ‘I can’t get Tommy to sleep in his own room’ a couple of years down the road. That is logic. What if he wakes up and I don’t hear him? What if he’s sick and I’m not there? “He should be in our room so I will always be there when he needs me”. That is emotion.

You now have the ability to have baby sleep in his own room, and be there whenever you are needed. Invest in a baby monitor. There are many types of  baby monitors in the market now, so you need to do your research to ensure that you are happy with the purchase once you get it home.

Some of the monitors are for sound only. They do have a portable handset that you can carry with you through out the house, or set on your nightstand at night. You will hear baby when he cries, and should hear his movements. Other monitors are motion sensors, and you are alerted when movement occurs in the crib. The draw back to the motion sensor is that you do not hear if baby is crying. These also have a portable handset.

My personal favorite is the video monitor. You can actually see baby, so you will know if he is just sleeping restlessly or if he actually needs you. One company makes the video baby monitor with a stationary ‘wide screen’ monitor (5” screen), and also has a portable hand set with a 2.5” screen. This model also has audio, so you can see and hear baby.

Select the type of baby monitor that you want, evaluate the different manufacturer specifications for battery life and range. Make your purchase.

NOTE: Do NOT purchase a baby monitor because it is the cheapest model. Remember, this is an investment – for both you and your baby.


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3 Responses to What Type of Baby Monitor is Best?

  1. Jr

    wow! technology really has it, huh., securing our babies, well, we really need to monitor them as much as possible., good idea for the video monitoring., 🙂

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  2. Tori

    Baby monitors are a great help for moms!

  3. Phoebe

    Babysitting has became hightech now. We could ensure the safety and security of our babies through gadgets. I believe parents should be thankful for this.

    baby monitor videos

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