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Unlimited Coffee and Cakes at TCB

Posted by on October 20, 2011

It’s no secret that I am a cake monster. I daydream about cakes all the time, and anytime anyone asks me what I want for a present, my standard reply is always “CAKE!” So when I learned about this Unlimited Coffee and Cakes deal at TCB (or The Coffee Beanery from the Cravings group) for only P150 — that’s roughly US$ 3.50 — I made it my personal goal to take on the challenge and eat at least 4 slices of cake. I’ve read good and bad reviews online, but I’m not one to be swayed by other people’s opinion. Yesterday, I finally found the chance to go to Shangri-la Plaza for this purpose. There were 5 different cakes available for the promo. Round One was a thin slice of the Chocolate Pastillas Cake and a cup of coffee. Easy. It turned out to be my favorite cake among those I had at TCB. Challenge number 2 was a Devil’s Food Cake, which tasted like an ordinary chocolate cake, but unlike the other Devil’s Food Cake I’ve tried, this one was rather dense and had a slightly crunchy meringue-like frosting. At this point, my heart and mind were both determined to tackle two more slices, but my poor tummy would not cooperate. For my third slice of cake, I chose Cravings‘ signature Chocolate Caramel. The frosting is a deliciously sticky and intense caramel with a hint of coffee, reminiscent of the traditional caramel flavor, which is unlike the milky or custard-like caramel frostings of today (particularly those from Estrel’s, Costa Brava or Cara Mia). However good the caramel frosting was, though, my tummy had already surrendered — I only got to eat half of the slice.

Well, maybe I had too much confidence in myself because this unlimited cakes promo is no easy feat. The cakes are not the best ones around, but they’re quite good. In all fairness and all factors considered, I must say this deal is worth its P150 price tag. I can only offer a few reasons for my dismal “performance”:

1. I made the crucial mistake of going to TCB immediately after my Reyes Barbecue lunch at the food court. Stupid, I know.

2. I wore my old pair of jeans which were tight around the waist. Lesson learned: wear a loose dress or stretchable pants when attempting to shatter world eating records.

3. I was (still am) suffering from asthma, which made breathing (and eating) quite difficult.

4. I was alone, and only had a magazine for company. I bet if I was feeling well and with a friend, I could have wolfed down 4 slices of cake.

But enough with excuses — I concede.  I failed miserably at this unlimited cakes promo, which was very good for my pocket but disastrous to my ever-expanding waistline. By the time I ambled out of the mall, I looked as though I was 4 months pregnant. Eeek. I could hardly walk back to the MRT station. Much as I tried to achieve my goal, I’m sorry to say that in this battle between human and cakes, the cakes have won. But I’m not too sorry. It was a good fight.

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16 Responses to Unlimited Coffee and Cakes at TCB

  1. chel

    maybe you should have had the cakes before the reyes!

  2. Joy

    i know that now, doc. but i’m quite an old-fashioned girl. lunch first, and then desserts. 😉

  3. Sumi

    Until when will the unlimited cakes at TCB be available? I’m also a cake lover and this would be a good place to pigout on cakes.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Joy

      hello, sumi! thank you very much for dropping by! i checked out your blog, too, and i like it! awesome photos and very good write-ups. keep it up! and congratulations on your recent graduation! the unlimited coffee and cakes is being offered for an unlimited time. 🙂

  4. aimee

    Sayang Joy, I should have been with you and surely we will win over the CAKES!hehehehe

  5. lorie

    sana dito din sa gapo may ganyan…

    • Joy

      sana nga, lorie. meron akong gustong merienda buffet diyan sa terrace cafe sa may subic international hotel. the cakes there are also yummy. 🙂

  6. u8mypinkcookies

    i wanna try the caramel & devils food cake <3

  7. Jessica

    yum, looks delicious am drooling 🙁 perfect for my morning, visiting for TB, hope that you can visit me back

  8. imriz

    cake promo? why, oh, why! heaven for me:)

  9. Youngchow Blog

    Hey everyone! Did you know that the company/group that owns TCB has another unlimited offering? I saw this while I was walking around Shangri-la Plaza. Check out C2 Classic Cuisine’s unlimited merienda promo. Here’s the link to their page:

    • Madel P.

      Thanks for this info. You can check all C2 Classic Cuisine restaurants to enjoy unlimited merienda for only P180. 🙂

  10. Madel P.

    thanks for blogging about this! the unlimited cakes & coffee still ongoing. Visit all TCB outlets!

  11. lyxl

    nice cake… I love it…

  12. Madel

    I am still a big fan of TCB!

    Please like their facebook page –

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