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Summer Getaway: White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel

Posted by on April 10, 2014

Itching to go somewhere out of town but on a shoestring budget? Why not have a pocket vacation to a nearby resort? My family and I don’t have anything planned for the summer, so my daughter Bea and I decided to go to my hometown of Olongapo on the last weekend of March. Once there, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take a day-trip to White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel located in Matain, Subic, Zambales — just approximately 20 minutes away from Olongapo City.

Bea soaking up the sun in White Rock

Bea soaking up the sun in White Rock

The resort has been there since I was a kid, but I didn’t realize it had improved so much over the last several years. The sprawling 7-hectare property now boasts of two wave pools, a kiddie pool with water slides, an adult pool, a zipline facility, hotel rooms and villas, and a scenic beach, among others. The day tour rate is P650 per person and P325 for children ages 3 to 7. The fee includes a free use of kayak and access to the waterpark’s facilities. We totally enjoyed the Giant Wave Pool — Bea stayed there for hours dancing and just splashing in the cool water.  The waves run for 30 minutes every hour on the hour accompanied by loud, happy tunes. That was really fun!

White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel

White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel

We dined at the resort’s in-house Sunset Cafe, but bringing of food and drinks is allowed provided that the guests will rent a table. I prefer just ordering off the restaurant’s menu. Anyway, we haven’t had so much fun on the beach in such a long time! Because I grew up in a small city very close to beaches, I became so sick of going to the beach when I became older. I always avoided the beach and preferred to go somewhere rather cooler and indoors. But I didn’t want to deprive my little girl of some fun under the sun, and our trip to White Rock was definitely awesome. I wouldn’t mind going back. Just a piece of advice: Don’t forget to bring sunblock and apply it as often as possible.

Cost of this getaway:

Bus fare from Victory Liner Pasay station to Olongapo : P218 x 2 = P436
Jeepney fares to and from White Rock:  P92
Entrance fee to White Rock: P650 x 2 = P1,300
Lunch and snacks in Sunset Cafe: P975
Souvenirs (bracelet and keychains): P140
Bus fare from Victory Liner Olongapo to Pasay: P223 x 2 = P446

Total cost: P3,389.00


Because we enjoyed the place so much, we went back again on May 1, 2015. Entrance fee has already increased to P700 but we were willing to pay the amount for 5 persons. However, we were being charged an extra P2,500 for a table. I argued that we won’t be needing a table since we were going to swim straight away (it was already past 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon anyway) but we were told that renting a table was mandatory. That is just so completely insane! So unreasonable! We walked out of the facility because of this unreasonable policy.

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2 Responses to Summer Getaway: White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel

  1. marian timario

    it’s more than a decade already since our last trip to zambales’ beach spots. i remember back when i was a kid, every holy week was spent here; we stayed at beach resorts along iba or masinloc (not sure anymore). my aunt hails from zambales and so we would ask her relatives to make reservations for us.

    i also have fond memories of buying mangoes from the market; they were very sweet and fragrant. i’d love to go back to zambales!

    • Joy

      hi, maan! thanks so much for reading my entry and for posting a comment. i think i’m starting to appreciate the sand and the sea once again, but i really don’t like soaking up the sun. anyway, i heard there’s a number of wonderful beaches further up in zambales like anawangin cove, potipot island and capones vista beach resort. i hope i’ll still have the energy to take bea there in the future. 🙂

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