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Like or Dislike?

Posted by on August 24, 2012

With the impending demise of Multiply, I’ve been busy transferring four years’ worth of food adventures from my Multiply site to my new Facebook page. (That explains my delinquency in updating this site.) If you love dining out or simply love food, you might want to check out Mad About Food in its brand-new home. Better yet, LIKE it.

*   *   *

So I was in a cafe a few weeks back, I picked up a copy of MEGA Magazine (February 2012 issue with Judy Ann Santos on the cover) and started browsing it. Suddenly, the photos of the banoffee pie on one of the pages caught my attention. Of course, the photos looked very familiar because they’re MINE. At the bottom of the page, it said “photos courtesy of Google Images”. I must admit I was a bit flattered that a big publication like the MEGA Publishing Group would consider my photos fit for printing in their flagship magazine. But I was more infuriated that the credits went to Google Images. Hello?!? When you search for photos on the web, and you choose specific photos, you are automatically directed to the website where the photos are originally posted. Google does not own every photo posted in cyberspace, does it? It’s not the first time that my food photos have been used by others, but one asked my permission first and the other credited my website for the photos. The Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star also get photos off the net, but they always give credit where it is due. Why can’t MEGA Magazine do the same? This discovery prompted me to put watermarks on my food photos (see my Chez Karine Bakery entry) but I realized it’s such a hassle. Why can’t people just observe basic courtesy/netiquette? Major DISLIKE.

Exhibit A

*   *   *

Last week, I tried this Pasta Gamberetti from Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie on Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati. Kitchen’s Best is better known for its cakes and pies, but it also offers a great selection of salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes and rice meals. The Pasta Gamberetti  (P260) is a real delight — al dente spaghetti, fabulously rich and flavorful tomato cream sauce, and succulent shrimp. LIKE.

Pasta Gamberetti

*   *   *

My dearest mother-in-law recently turned 81 years old. A day before her birthday, my husband and I treated her to a day at the salon and spa, which was actually her wish. So first, she had a manicure/pedicure at David’s Salon in Greenbelt. Then we had lunch at her favorite Cafe Via Mare nearby. After which, we proceeded to The Spa – Greenbelt for her much-needed facial and massage. I chose the Refreshing Start Package for Mommy, which included an Aroma Facial, a one-hour full-body massage and a Peppermint Foot Scrub. While waiting for Mommy, I decided to get a massage as well. My massage therapist was “Jenevieve”.

The Spa in Greenbelt

Trivia: Did you know that Spa is the name of a municipality in the province of Liège, Belgium, which is famous for its healing mineral springs? Here in Manila, The Spa is a pioneer in health and wellness facilities, having opened its first branch in 1996. I’m not a regular customer of The Spa. In fact, it was only my second time to have a massage in its Greenbelt branch in the last 8 years. But the day after I had a Swedish massage, I woke up with intense pain all over my back, which lasted for 3 days. Even moving my neck was too painful. I called up my mom-in-law to ask her how she was, and she told me that her back was sore, too. She even joked that, maybe, our bodies are just not used to having a massage. However, I had a full-body massage just last May at the Marahai Spa in New World Hotel, but I didn’t experience any pain afterward. What could have gone wrong? The whole point of getting a massage is to feel relaxed and refreshed. Now I’m afraid to get a massage again.

The Spa – Greenbelt Ambience and Facilities: LIKE / Massage Service: DISLIKE

*   *   *

I had been craving churros for weeks when I chanced upon Terry’s in Salcedo Village recently. I entered its pristine restaurant and asked a staff if they serve churros. She replied something that I did not easily recognize, but I tried it anyway. My goodness, was I glad I did!

Picatostes con Chocolate (P245)

Presenting Terry’s Picatostes con Chocolate — a popular snack in Madrid that’s very similar to Churros con Chocolate. The only difference, as you can see, is the bread used to dip into the sinfully thick, hot Valor chocolate. “Made with portions of French bread, picatostes are first dipped in milk and sweet Sherry, then golden-fried and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.” Swoon. The chocolate is seriously to-die-for. So, so good. LIKE. LIKE. LIKE.

*   *   *

A pair of slippers. A mug with lid/saucer. A mini-notebook. These are my latest purchases for my Germanophile collection. They add to my previous collection of books, postcards, shot glasses, old and new coins and other memorabilia from Germany. I’m so excited for the upcoming 179th Oktoberfest, which officially starts in Munich on September 22nd this year. How I wish I could be there. I know I’ll be joining all the merry-making in Bonifacio High Street again in October. LIKE. (Mir gefällt es.)


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4 Responses to Like or Dislike?

  1. Joy

    Message from MEGA Magazine representative:

    “We would like to apologize for the lapse in judgement on our part on publishing your work without your approval or credit. If it would appease you, we would like to publish an erratum on our upcoming issue regarding this photo, with proper credits and contact details (if there are any). Again, we sincerely apologize.

    We also wish to thank you for alerting us on this matter. Since that issue, we have not been crediting Google anymore and have always done our best to give proper credit for the content we publish.”

  2. Marie

    Oh My God, Sotto-ing din!

  3. Joy

    the important thing for me is that MEGA has apologized already. sotto will never do that.

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