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Letters to Bea (1 of 3)

Posted by on October 11, 2011

Today is my dearest father-in-law’s 87th birthday (We love you, Dad!). I want to share with you this letter that he wrote to my daughter Bea just a few months before he turned 80. Dad intended for Bea to read this letter when she turns ten, but Bea read it by herself for the first time when she was five years old.

July 5, 2004

Ms. Isabella C. Cruz
On Her Tenth Birth Anniversary

Dear Bea:

We are writing this on the occasion of your baptism (at one month old) but have asked your Mom to give it to you on your tenth birthday when you are better able to understand its contents.

We are opening a bank account for you today as a token  of our love for you as our newest and probably our last grandchild. We watched your other cousins grow up, but we will never have that pleasure with you because we will no longer be with you as you read this.

This account will be in trust for you until you are fifteen. Then you can take over and do with it as you please, following, let us hope, your parents’ counsel.

We want you to know, dear Bea, that you have given us unimaginable pleasure in coming into our lives, and we thank you with all our hearts. It is like going back to our own youth, when we were raising our own children. It is such a blessing that God has gifted us, in our old age, with a baby as beautiful as you.

Take care of yourself, our wonderful grandchild, and obey your Daddy and Mommy. We will be watching over you and praying for your health and happiness, and a future as bright as your dreams.

To our beloved Bea.

(signed)                                       (signed)

Isagani A. Cruz                   Salvacion L. Cruz

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2 Responses to Letters to Bea (1 of 3)

  1. Paul Danilo Garrido

    Good Day Ma’am Joy:

    Sir Justice Cruz really writes by heart that is why I am following his ponencias and separate opinions when he was still our Associate Justice as well as his column at the PDI then. His name was introduced to by my uncle to which he was a former student of Sir Cruz at San Beda. He would reminisce the times he had the chance to be taught by Sir Cruz. Accordingly, he is candid, brilliant, professional but most of all elegant in his gestures. That was the time I started following his feats until now. I am a fan of Sir Cruz. I wish him and his family all the best in life. Hope I will have the chance to see him one day.

  2. Joy

    Dear Mr. Garrido:

    Many thanks for your kind words. They warm my heart on this very gloomy, rainy day. It is always a great pleasure to hear from Daddy’s “fans” and followers. We are all very proud of him. He is indeed a good father and a brilliant man of the law. Like you said, he is “elegant in his gestures” and also incorruptible, a trait that has now become rare in our judiciary. Daddy is physically weak at the moment, but his mind is still very sharp when it comes to current affairs and legal issues. He is turning 88 in a few months. I will show him your message and I already imagine the big smile on his face when he reads it. God bless. 🙂

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