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Chinese Afternoon Tea in Makati Shangri-La

Posted by on January 26, 2017

For a limited time only, Makati Shangri-La offers a Chinese Afternoon Tea in addition to its regular, bestselling afternoon tea fare. Two of my high school friends and I had a little get-together the other day, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try the hotel’s seasonal offering. Although none of us is of Chinese descent, we acknowledge that Chinese cuisine is already very much a part of our Filipino [food] culture.

Chinese Afternoon Tea

We had come from a light lunch at a Thai restaurant in the adjacent mall, then we proceeded to the hotel for afternoon tea. My friends were so delighted to watch and listen to the orchestra playing love songs as we sat and waited at the Lobby Lounge for the tea set to arrive. The soothing violin and piano sounds added so much to the enchanting ambience of the place. Soon enough, afternoon tea was served on our table for three.

Makati Shangri-La

There’s a wooden tray loaded with dim sum, a plate of jelly in the shape of two fish positioned in opposite directions, and a pot of our choice of tea (my balikbayan friend chose the rose lychee tea and it was fabulous!). Dim sum — those bite-sized portions of food — is an important component of Chinese cuisine. They can be sweet or savory and come in a wide variety of dishes. Part of the set were mooncakes, char siu bao (baked pork barbecue buns), mantou (plain steamed buns), egg tarts, lo mai gai (lotus leaf rice), bean-filled pastries and sesame seed balls. Everything was nice except for the mantou (those purple buns in the photo), which should have at least come with condensed milk or something for dipping. I guess our favorite was the lo mai gai or the steamed sticky rice with chicken and mushrooms wrapped in lotus leaf. It’s so delicious that my friend wants to eat one again.

Makati Shangri-La‘s Chinese Afternoon Tea is priced at P920++ and is available until January 28 only. My friends and I agreed that it was a truly wonderful experience and it made our get-together a very memorable one.

“The Chinese say it’s better to be deprived of food for 3 days than tea for one.” — Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

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