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Mommy Diaries

Terrific Ten

My daughter Bea turned 10 years old last June 5. We tried to keep the celebration as simple as possible but, as parents, my husband and I take our little girl’s dreams very seriously. You will recall that Bea’s 9th birthday last year was a tribute to her most favorite celebrity of all, Taylor Swift. … Continue reading »

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Bea’s RED-Letter Day

Of course, I couldn’t let her birthday go by without a simple celebration to make her feel extra-special. For her 9th birthday, Bea and I agreed on holding another playdate with a bunch of her friends. I’ve realized that, aside from being more practical and less stressful for parents, playdates are a lot more fun … Continue reading »

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9 Random Facts About Bea

As my baby girl Bea turns 9 years old today, I compiled a short list of interesting and not-so-interesting things about her: 1. She likes to wear socks all the time — at home. She prefers wearing socks over slippers and even wears socks to sleep. For her birthday this year, she asked some of … Continue reading »

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Bea’s 8th Birthday

“Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship fall, a mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” — Oliver W. Holmes   When you become a mother, you’ll instinctively want to give your child nothing but the best things in life to make him or her happy. That’s just how nature designed mothers, I suppose. The … Continue reading »

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Angels Without Wings

Even though I stopped being Catholic about 15 years ago (I’ve become a renewed Christian ever since), I don’t see anything wrong with a Catholic education for my daughter Bea. After all, I also went to a Catholic grade school. There are, of course, some conflicts in beliefs but Bea is a very smart girl … Continue reading »

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What Type of Baby Monitor is Best?

***A guest post*** Most parents want their babies to sleep in the room they lovingly spent so much time making perfect for the coming little one. Emotions battle with logic on this issue. Establishing where baby sleeps should be done early on, that will solve the issue of ‘I can’t get Tommy to sleep in … Continue reading »

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Hello, Weekend!

Saturday mornings are our favorite because they’re always pancakes-and-bacon days! This family tradition started about 4 or 5 years ago, and yet we’re still looking forward to our Saturday breakfast every week. It’s a great way to greet the weekend, even if we don’t have anything special planned. Pancakes and bacon never fail to put … Continue reading »

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Meet my Bea

Her real name is Isabella, which, according to the Baby Names Dictionary, means “consecrated to God.”  Within the family she is called Bea for short–sometimes Bei or even Butchokoy. I call her Isabelita when I’m really pissed with her, and that happens a lot. Born on a rainy Saturday afternoon in June seven years ago, … Continue reading »

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