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All About Me

8th of March

Out of all the 365 or 366 days in a year, March 8 was declared International Women’s Day [IWD]. I wonder why. From my research I learned that the first IWD was commemorated in only a few European countries on March 19, 1911. In 1913, they changed the global date to March 8 but I … Continue reading »

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I Have a Dream…

When I was 18, I stopped schooling for a year and became a complete bum. It was during that time when I repeatedly watched a TV show called Steve O’Neal’s Remembering The Beatles on Channel 5. This was back in the early 1990s, when I suddenly got hit by Beatlemania — two decades too late. … Continue reading »

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Feeling Fine at 39

I just celebrated my 39th birthday a few days ago, and I have nothing but gratefulness in my heart to everyone who made my birthday truly memorable. When I was a lot younger, my birthdays weren’t so much fun because I usually didn’t have any cake — except on my 1st, 13th and 21st birthdays. … Continue reading »

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The Gym Diaries

I’m thirty-eight-and-a-half years old, so I made a very short list of my personal goals before I hit the big 4-0. This is what I came up with, so far: Learn how to drive. Learn how to bake (cookies, cakes and cupcakes). Get absolutely fabulous abs! Look, I’m a very realistic person. I know for … Continue reading »

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Like or Dislike?

With the impending demise of Multiply, I’ve been busy transferring four years’ worth of food adventures from my Multiply site to my new Facebook page. (That explains my delinquency in updating this site.) If you love dining out or simply love food, you might want to check out Mad About Food in its brand-new home. … Continue reading »

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Prizes and Surprises

So yes, I’m addicted to facebook. Who isn’t? It’s my link to the world beyond our home and my connection to some of my dearest, oldest friends. I probably devote 50% of my waking hours online (though I don’t have a Twitter account, thank God), not because I enjoy the senseless musings or ridiculous bickerings … Continue reading »

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In Love With Tea

Sure, I enjoy the occasional cup of coffee just because I love its aroma. But I certainly won’t last a day without a steaming cup of my favorite tea. My mornings will never be complete without sipping tea. This daily habit began around the time I started working, and I started early — at 19 … Continue reading »

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noun.  – a person who is fond of German culture, German people and Germany in general, exhibiting as it were German nationalism in spite of not being an ethnic German or a German citizen. [source: Wikipedia] Ten years ago, I was tremendously blessed with an opportunity to immerse myself in the German culture by way … Continue reading »

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Crazy for Chocolate

There seems to be a lot of confusion about when the official Chocolate Day is to be observed. Some groups say it’s yesterday, July 7, while others celebrate it on October 28th. I heard there’s even a World Chocolate Day on September 4th. In the interest of peace and harmony, and to end all the … Continue reading »

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Joyride: Life’s an Adventure

Consider this an invitation to take a peek into my world. Those who know me personally are fully aware that I am, foremost, a stay-at-home wife and doting mother. To keep myself preoccupied, I surf the worldwide web during most of my waking hours. I am a food lover with a voracious appetite for all … Continue reading »

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