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Bea’s RED-Letter Day

Posted by on June 12, 2013

Of course, I couldn’t let her birthday go by without a simple celebration to make her feel extra-special. For her 9th birthday, Bea and I agreed on holding another playdate with a bunch of her friends. I’ve realized that, aside from being more practical and less stressful for parents, playdates are a lot more fun than big parties because the kids get to enjoy each other’s company even better. We had a full year to plan this birthday playdate, and Bea thought it was the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to her idol, Taylor Swift. What a lucky coincidence that Ms. Swift released a new album entitled “Red” during the last quarter of last year and even more serendipitously, I found the most fitting venue for Bea’s birthday playdate: Red Box in Greenbelt 3. A videoke playdate — that’s something we haven’t done before!

the invitation that I made via pizap

the invitation that I made via pizap

Bea invited a dozen of her friends/classmates to her birthday celebration, and I was worried that only a handful of them will turn up because it was held on a Wednesday. Good thing, 9 out of 12 girls were able to make it (I was told that they were just as excited about the playdate as the birthday girl herself). We got Room Number 13 (Taylor Swift‘s favorite number) in Red Box and sang the afternoon away with an all-Taylor Swift repertoire.

Bea (center) in red shorts

Bea (center) in red shorts with her closest friends

I like Bea’s friends because they’re all nice and pretty girls. I hope they’ll continue to be friends even when they’re no longer classmates.

left: Bea with Andy / right: Bea with Lucy

To keep the singing bellas energized, we ordered finger foods like fully loaded nachos, crispy calamares and the ever-popular fries. They also got a round of iced tea, which is included in the cover charge per head.

"I don't know about you... but I'm feeling 22."

“I don’t know about you… but I’m feeling 22.”

A birthday is never complete without cake, and this year I happily found a wonderful cake shop in Greenbelt 5 that accommodates custom cake orders: Classic Confections. I’ve known about Classic Confections for years and have enjoyed its sugar cookies, cupcakes and signature cakes like Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion, I just didn’t realize that they make special occasion cakes as well. My requirements were very minimal and simple — just a tiny cake and a dozen cupcakes with red frosting. I had a pleasantly seamless transaction with the staff of Classic Confections: (1) I made an inquiry via phone; (2) I emailed the specifications; (3) I paid for the cake order two days before the pick-up date. Bea and I decorated the cupcakes with Taylor Swift photo toppers. The cake did not disappoint at all, and the best part was the convenience of picking up the cake and cupcakes from its Greenbelt store. Big thanks to Classic ConfectionsMs. Kat Rodrigo and Ms. Diana Martinez for the nice cake and cupcakes plus the excellent customer service. Thumbs-up!

Red mini-cake and cupcakes by Classic Confections

Red mini-cake and cupcakes by Classic Confections

Everything went really well and the girls went a bit wild, but all in great fun. We were able to pull off another birthday to remember without it leaving a hole in our pockets. It was a really happy day for everyone, especially for my Bea and me.

Happy birthday, Little Miss Swiftie!

Happy birthday, Little Miss Swiftie!

The gang's all here!

The gang’s all here!

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Thanks for celebrating with us!

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7 Responses to Bea’s RED-Letter Day

  1. christine

    It was a cool playdate.Thanks for this idea.

  2. Nathalie

    That is a nice birthday playdate! And your daughter is so pretty. 🙂

  3. Joy

    thanks for dropping by, christine and nathalie! 🙂

  4. tomatostellar

    This is such a nice idea 🙂 and mukhang nag enjoy talaga mga kids
    and your daughter is very pretty

  5. mayums

    i like the idea of having a playdate instead of a full blown party, though i’ve never tried having one (no idea what activity would be fitting). if they wanted to celebrate with friends, we just usually have it after their sunday school.

    • Joy

      thanks, maan! if you need help with ideas, please let me know. i always get a kick out of “party”-planning. 🙂

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