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Angels Without Wings

Posted by on February 29, 2012

Even though I stopped being Catholic about 15 years ago (I’ve become a renewed Christian ever since), I don’t see anything wrong with a Catholic education for my daughter Bea. After all, I also went to a Catholic grade school. There are, of course, some conflicts in beliefs but Bea is a very smart girl and I’m confident she will figure things out when she’s a little older.

I decided to write about Bea’s First Holy Communion because I felt the need to commend her school — its administrators and faculty — for an excellent job of organizing this milestone for our little girls. It started right on time and ended swiftly. Everything went perfectly, and I believe I speak for all the other parents present during the event that it was truly one memorable day for all of us. It’s very seldom that the girls are very well-behaved and disciplined, but on that special day they all were — just like angels sans wings. I was also very impressed by the way they responded to the priest, their training in enunciation was completely evident. Hats off to the teachers! My Bea delivered the First Reading, and even at home she has taken to enunciating every word she says, with the occasional sprinkling of her saliva on my face.

The voices of “little angels” filled the chapel as the girls sang their hymns and the early morning sunlight bathed them in a radiant glow. There was only a small designated area for the parents and guests who wanted to take photos, so I had a difficult time finding a good angle and capturing nice shots of my little girl. But that also ensured that the proceedings will go on smoothly and with minimum distractions.

On a different note, one of my numerous pet peeves in life is seeing little girls wearing makeup. Obviously, since I don’t wear makeup myself, my Bea had no trace of makeup on her face save for Nivea lip balm — and only because she has dry lips. I just firmly believe that all little girls are naturally beautiful and pure, and no amount of makeup can ever make them look even prettier than they already are. But that’s just me, okay? As they say, different strokes for different folks. I don’t mean to offend anyone, just wanted to air my thoughts. But seriously, shimmering silver eyeshadow and red lipstick on an 8-year-old lass in broad daylight? For her First Holy Communion? Come on, it’s not her prom night! Think about it.  Think really hard. Contemplate.


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2 Responses to Angels Without Wings

  1. aimee

    I agree with you Joy, no make ups for little girls and to think na first holy communion pa ung occassion….
    Miss you Bea and Joy!
    Bea really looks like an angel wag lang sana makulit…hehehe

  2. Joy

    thanks, aimee! good thing you won’t have the same problem because yours is a baby boy. miss you, too! march naaaaa!!! 😀

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