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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Persia Grill

I can’t claim to know much about Persian history, culture and even cuisine because, frankly, I don’t. All that I can remember from my high school History class is that Persia (now known as Iran) was once part of the cradle of civilization that was Mesopotamia. And, uh… that’s about it. But despite my ignorance … Continue reading »

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Journey on the High Seas

The Discovery Travel and Living Channel calls cruising the “ultimate vacation.” Star Cruises describes it as the “best vacation experience.” And just who am I to disagree? In 2005, our whole extended family (about 20 of us) went on our first-ever Asian cruise via Star Cruises’ Superstar Virgo. It was a 4-day/3-night affair that started … Continue reading »

Categories: Wanderlust | 2 Comments

A Tale of Two Cakes

Whether or not there’s a special occasion, cakes always have a way of cheering me up. I dream about cakes everyday–I just admire the precision and artistry involved in cake baking and decorating. I don’t know if I’ll ever acquire the skill and talent to make a real edible cake (I’ve made one out of … Continue reading »

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Nestlé Butterfinger Ice Cream

I got an event invitation on facebook from my daughter Bea regarding Ice Cream Day, so I made a quick online research to find out if there really is such a thing. Guess what? I learned that in the United States, July is officially the National Ice Cream Month, since it’s the height of their … Continue reading »

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Hello, Weekend!

Saturday mornings are our favorite because they’re always pancakes-and-bacon days! This family tradition started about 4 or 5 years ago, and yet we’re still looking forward to our Saturday breakfast every week. It’s a great way to greet the weekend, even if we don’t have anything special planned. Pancakes and bacon never fail to put … Continue reading »

Categories: Mommy Diaries | 8 Comments

Hooked on Booksale!

One of my proudest achievements as a parent is getting my child into the reading habit. It actually started in the womb. I began reading stories aloud to my Bea even before she was born. There were theories that supported the claims that reading to the baby in one’s tummy will help make the baby … Continue reading »

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Banoffee Pie by banapple

The thing is, I’m not really a fan of bananas. Unless the bananas are fried and heavily coated in brown sugar, there’s no way I’m eating them. But then a few years ago, just out of curiosity, I tried a slice of Banoffee Pie from Red Ribbon Bakeshop and was instantly smitten.  Unfortunately, it didn’t … Continue reading »

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Crazy for Chocolate

There seems to be a lot of confusion about when the official Chocolate Day is to be observed. Some groups say it’s yesterday, July 7, while others celebrate it on October 28th. I heard there’s even a World Chocolate Day on September 4th. In the interest of peace and harmony, and to end all the … Continue reading »

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